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Paul Emond
There are Angels Dancing on the Lake, Floating Isles
Translated from French by Grigor Janikyan, Zaruhi Grigoryan
Series French-language Drama
ISBN 978-9939-850-56-6
Media type Hardcover
Published in 2022
Number of pages 391
Size 13x20 cm
Language French, Armenian

Paul Emon is one of the prominent figures of modern Belgian literature, who already has the reputation of a classic during his lifetime. He is a true master of artistic expression and dramaturgical creation, as evidenced by his two plays in this book.

The play "There are angels dancing on the lake" is the work of a large dramaturgical canvas, in which several layers pass in parallel; the real and the metaphorical, human destinies and their deeds, the specific confrontation of generations are interwoven. This work is especially characterized by its artistry.

"Floating Islands" has a completely different character, although its artistic qualities are not inferior to the previous one. With the help of three different characters, the author was able to create a play with dynamic and surprising solutions that are read in one breath. In particular, it has wonderful dialogues and sharp grotesque images.

The book is published in the format of facing pages in French and Armenian.

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