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Why Choose Us

Ankyunacar Publishing exists since 1998. We have substantial expertise in areas in which we work. These areas include Dictionaries, Armenian Studies and especially Theology published in foreign languages, where our publications are unique. These qualities are reached through successful cooperation with leading specialists in respective areas, high standards set internally, and not least with international funding organizations.

We continually, though slowly expand our areas, meticulously trying not to lower any of our previously set standards. One of these latest areas was the little studied and poorly promoted area of modern French-language Drama, through cooperation with enthusiasts from Yerevan Linguistic University and our internal enthusiasts. Here high expertise in French literature met with inspiration of these persons and was supported by our brilliant partners–foundations supporting francophony and propagation of French literature.

Our standards relate, first, to the contents of the books, then the layout and design, and lastly, to the binding. All these features are well directed to specific audience for each book or series of books.


Nearly all the books that we publish, are significant pieces of content, which were not previously published in Armenian or in other langages. There are some cases with pubication of theological books, when we first time publish the comparative text of ancient manuscripts. Our expertise in translating books assists the quality of our Dictionaries and vice versa.


We prefer classical layout principles, which meet best recommendations of easy and joyful reading. We believe that the publisher should apply every effort in terms of choice of fonts, text layout, margins etc. to make the reading process maximally effortless, especially that now print publishing experiences huge competition from the side of digital publishing of different formats.


We generally prefer hardcover binding though sometimes we publish softcover books. We believe that even the books that are for specific, narrow audience, should be durable and lasting.

The cornerstone of activities of Ankyunacar Publishing (which means Cornerstone in Armenian) is the translation and publication of those values, which  are worth translating into other languages and present to those societies.

We welcome those authors, translators and compilers, who propose us such books.

We welcome also those readers and libraries who look for books containing such values and in Ankyunacar's books find such ones.