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New bookstore in Yerevan is opened

Yesterday was a happy day for readers, booksellers and publishers in Yerevan. New brick and mortar bookstore was opened in Yerevan. It is on 43 Mashtots Avenue, near Matenadaran, both of these names being very symbolic: Mesrop Mashtots is the inventor of the Armenian Alphabet, and Matenadaran is one of the greatest depositaries of ancient Armenian manuscripts.

In reality, the new bookstore is the 4-th in the Epigraph bookstore chain, and this branch is the biggest one.

We were very glad that at the opening ceremony we saw not only happy Armenians, but also foreign guests, including children with their parents.

Generally speaing, brick and mortar bookstores selling print books, are closing all over the world with the emergence of online bookstores and digital books. And we have to praise the organizers of the bookstore, particularly Aram Mehrabyan, who was and still is also a publisher of great books, and is enlarging their chain against all odds. Epigraph bookstores feature modern style, very pleasant and helpful staff. One can be sure that this bookstore will be one more center of gravity for people who appreciate cultural values.

Last but not least, books of Ankyunacar Publishing already have their place in this beautiful bookstore from the day 1.