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Layla Nabulsi
To Canada with Two Suitcases, Barely Escaped
Series French Language Drama
ISBN 978-9939-850-58-0
Media type Hardcover
Published in 2022
Number of pages 207
Size 13x20 cm
Language Armenian, French

Laila Nabulsi, a Belgian writer with Lebanese roots, is the author of dozens of works. She is interested in various topics, including emigration, the establishment of people separated from their land in a new environment. These themes are touched upon in the plays in this collection.

"To Canada with Two Suitcases" is a one-man play with the monologue of an old woman who became a refugee with her family from Hungary, who ends up with her husband and two children in a Yugoslav temporary refugee settlement, from where they move to Belgium as refugees. This is a dramatic work that is a rememberance of a life spent in longing, loss and waiting.

In "Barely Escaped" the same questions that concern the author are touched upon in a unique way. French dramatist Moliere, miraculously brought to life, comes to the aid of two emigrant youths. Perhaps in honor of this famous individual, the work is written in Moliere's rhymiic, lively style.

The book is published in the format of facing pages in French and Armenian.

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