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Dogmatic Writings
Translated from Old Armenian by Khachik Grigoryan
Series Theology, Armenian Studies
ISBN 978-9939-850-20-7
Media type Hardcover
Published in 2016
Number of pages 152
Size 13x20 cm
Language Russian

Khosrovik Targmanich was one of the leading theologians of the 8th century, a very turbulent time for the theological position of the Armenian Church. On the joint Armenian-Syriac Manazkert Council (726 AD) the Armenian Church took firm position, by clarifying that position through 10 anathemas. Khosrovik Targmanich, being the leading theologian together with the Catholicos Hovhan Odnetsi, unfolded further the main points of the Council. This selection includes all five preserved dogmatic writings of Khosrovik, which are letters addressed to different persons. These letters present the Christology of the Armenian Church as a concise and profound treatise.

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