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“Ankyunacar Research Center” constantly collects the lexicographic information of the Armenian language, together with the latest developments, and uses that information in the process of creating dictionaries and phrasebooks from and to Armenian. This continous work resulted in the creation of the following dictionaries “English-Armenian Contemporary Dictionary”, “New English-Armenian Dictionary”,“ English-Armenian, Armenian-English Dictionary”, “English-Armenian, Armenian-English Dictionary (special edition)”, “English-Armenian Dictionary of Computing”, “English-Armenian Phraseological Dictionary”, “English-Armenian Dictionary”, “Armenian-English Dictionary”, “Armenian-Persian Dictionary”, as well as two phrasebooks “Armenian-English Phrase-Book”, “Armenian-French Phrase-Book”.

While creating the dictionaries, attention is paid to the frequency of the words in Armenian and in other langages. Thus, the “English-Armenian, Armenian-English Dictionary”, which has been in print since 1999 and which was published in its 5th, revised edition in 2011, contains the most frequently used vocabulary of the Armenian and English languages.

The current trends in Armenian word-formation are being researched and applied at “Ankyunacar Research Center”. Where terminology is incomplete, new terms are coined, as well as methods are developed for testing the latter in real life, before including them in dictionaries. However, even after registering the new terms in dictionaries, we determine to what extent the particular term has entered into usage: this is an ongoing process. Thus, in case of the English-Armenian dictionary of Computing“ (S.M. Colin and Kh. Grigoryan) the first edition contained newly-coined Armenian equivalents of several hundred terms in Computing. But since this dictionary was among the first of its kind in Armenia, this vocabulary was improved and revised in the second edition. The preparation of the third edition is now in progress.

Throughout the linguistic-lexicological work, we take into consideration the diverse lexicographical problems that arise out of translation work done by our colleagues for “Ankyunacar Research Center”, for other persons and organizations, as well as by other translators. We stay in touch with numerous Armenian translators, as well as gather feedback from our users. A vivid example of this is that the “English-Armenian Contemporary Dictionary”, first published in 2010, was revised, increasing in 1000 words and expressions, and was re-published in 2014. So while developing the terminology of particular spheres, appropriate approaches are created in cooperation with specialists of those fields.

In the near future “Ankyunacar Research Center” plans to enlarge the range of dictionaries and phrasebooks to include other languages, as well as to carry out research on certain traditions of Armenian Linguistic School.

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