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Modern Armenian in bilingual dictionaries

The purpose of our bilingual dictionaries is to provide precise translation of foreign words into modern Armenian, as to general readership as well as to professional translators. The providing of more precise translations and updating is a countinous process, which is based on the work of company translators and numerous cooperating translators and on the posts of users of the website. We are grateful to those readers who share with us their opinions and their difficulties during the translation process.

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English-Armenian Online Dictionary

This English-Armenian Online Dictionary is the largest online among bilingual Armenian dictionaries. It was created taking into account latest developments of both languages. The words that appeared evolved during recent years are reflected in the vocabulary. Most used words of over 200 areas of usage are present in the dictionary. Many Armenian words of these areas appear first time in this dictionary and are already in use.


Armenian-persian online dictionary

Our Armenian-Persian dictionary, both in print form and in online form, is the first Armenian-Persian dictionary published in Armnenia. Taking into account the level of relations between Iran and Armenia, this dictionary is more than required today.