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Dogmatic Works

Khosrovik Targmanich (translation from Grabar)



Hardcover, 13,5x21 cm, ISBN 978-9939-850-20-7, Yerevan, 2015, 152 p.

Famous theologian and philosopher Khosrovik Targmanich played a great role in clarifying the dogmatics of the Armenian Church. This book contains all five dogmatic writings that are known to belong to Khosrovik. They were written in the beginning of 8-th century, probably just after the well-known Manazkert Council (726), where he played a crucial role together with the catholicos St. Hovhan Odznetsi. In these writings important Christological and trinitarian issues are considered, where the author shows unaltered theology of the Armenian Church comparing it with the theology of Bysantine Chalcedonian Church. What is very important in this book that Khosrovik provides exact and clear definitions of key thelogical terms such as hypostasis, person, personal quality etc, around which still debates are going on among different confessions and theologians. You can learn more about this book here
This is the first translation of Khosrovik's work into Russian. Translation from Grabar by Khachik Grigoryan.

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