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Avetis Aharonian "A Drop of Milk!"

About A. Aharonian

Avetis Aharonyan (1866-1948) was an Armenian writer, educator, journalist and revolutionary. His writings include novels, short stories, literary criticism, dramas and poems. In 1926, he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature by Antoine Meillet.

At the time of Sultan Abdul Hamid’s massacres of Ottoman Armenians in the 1890's, Aharonyan lived on the Russian side of the frontier between the Ottoman and Russian Empires. He witnessed first-hand the suffering of the refugees who had fled across the border and took part in relief work. His stories, evoking these events, made a deep impression on Armenian readers of the time. “A Drop of Milk!” («Պուտ-ըմ կա՜թ»), one of those stories, was written in 1896 and is about an Armenian couple, who having lost their two elder children in the massacres and, having gone through many hardships, finally reach Surmalu with their youngest child. It is a cold autumn night and their shelter is only a half-ruined barn. The child is dying and craves a drop of milk, which the father somehow succeeds in getting from the inhabitants of the village, in spite of the late hour and the enraged dogs that surround him. But alas, he arrives too late only to find the child dead.

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