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Khosrovik Targmanich – great Armenian theologian, now published

Famous theologian and philosopher Khosrovik Targmanich played a great role in clarifying the dogmatics of the Armenian Church, translated into Russian.

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Dictionaries are marks on the endless way of language development

Dictionary is a snapshot of the language, which is ever updating and is in never ending movement. How to achieve that it may nevertheless represent undistorted image of the reality? Yury Apresyan, 2003.

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Spiritual riches preserved from ages for the future

We are actively looking ahead to discovering immence spiritual treasures that our fathers have gathered, nurtured and kept for coming generations.

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Our mobile dictionaries elegantly supplement our print dictionaries

Some prefer print dictionaries, while others prefer electronic dictionaries. And often print and electronic dictionaries are perfect for the same person in different situations.

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Human mind is rational and feeds on words, either good or bad (Grigor Tatevatsi, 14-15c.). We strive for giving a good food to Your mind.

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Our services

  • For mobile devices

    Services for mobile devices are one of our main concerns. Our offline dictionaries are as precise and comfortable as our print dictionaries. We would transform your data into software, which can work on mobile devices.

  • Translations

    We provide quality translation services for several language pairs and for several areas.

  • Publishing services

    For many a beautiful design is the best way for presenting their material. We deliver the whole chain of publishing, from translation, editing to final print product. However, our publishing services do not stop with print product: we provide also serivices of producing electronic books. Last but not least, if customer wishes, we can support also the sales of the created product.

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